5 Ways to Stay Warm in Ireland

    It's hard to believe I'm writing about this in early July, but here we are. According to those who measure stuff, this June has been the coldest in Ireland in the past 10 years, and I believe them because I felt it. Everyone who lives on this island felt it, and everyone is pissed off because of it, and everyone has now relocated to Spain until September.  I'm joking, of course, but it's not far from the truth. My house was built in the XIX century, so I still have to occasionally turn on the heating . Again, it's July in the Northern Hemisphere. This is too much, even for Ireland, which is notorious for its ever-changing, unpredictable weather. 

Even on that one hot day last week when I took my first dip in the sea this year, my favorite Wicklow beach was so windy that I started to think I might be cursed or something. Okay, this is where the rant stops and the common sense advice for those who are facing similar problems begins:

1. Use a Humidifier

While humidifiers don’t heat up your home, they can have more of an impact on a room’s temperature. They help the air in the room hold heat better.

If you’re putting the heating on, then toss on the humidifier while you’re at it. A room will heat up a lot better than you’d think. Even if you turn the heating off, the room should stay warm for longer than it used to. You could end up not needing the heating on for as long.

2. Stay Active

Being a little active can help you warm up more as it gets your blood flowing.  You don’t need to spend a lot of time for this to have an impact. As long as you’re getting a little bit of exercise, you shouldn’t have a problem warming yourself up a bit. You can even be a little productive when you’re doing this.  Putting a little extra effort into hoovering and other chores can be more than enough to help with this.

3. Wrap Up Well

One of the more effective ways to stay warm is to make sure you’re wrapped up well.  Warm cardigans, shawls, and similar options are all great for when you’re out and about. Cosy pyjamas are also great for when you’re at home, but it’s definitely worth looking into the warmest thermal socks. These make sure your feet are as warm as possible, which can even help the rest of your body regulate its temperature better.

4. Follow the Giant Yellow Ball in the Sky

Even in Ireland, there’ll be a decent bit of sun out, even if it isn’t the warmest.  Staying in the sun can help you stay a little warmer than you’d think. At the same time, it’s worth letting the sun into your home as much as you can.  Remember to close the blinds and curtains at night. It’ll help you keep the heat in during the evening.

5. Warm Up Your Bed

Your bed should be nice and comfy when you get into it, and its warmth plays a role in this. You’ll need it to actually be warm for that to happen.

During these unusually cold days, that isn’t always the case. It could feel a little frosty. Thankfully, this is easier to fix than you would’ve thought. It’s just a matter of using a few bits and pieces to warm up your bed before you use it. Safe electric blankets can be a great option for this, but even a hot water bottle can do so much.

Now let's hope and pray for that promised heatwave to come ASAP.


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