Friday, February 28, 2014

The Musket Room

The Musket Room is a restaurant located in Manhattan's Nolita neighbourhood.  The owner and chef is a New Zealand native, and the interior was designed by Alexander Waterworth Interiors. Inspired by an era in New Zealand when adventure and discovery blossomed, The Musket Room offers a modern approach to the country’s culinary past.  The first time I saw that bar on Pinterest, I immediately fell in love with it and wanted to see the whole place.  Well, those of you who follow my blog may have noticed a pattern by now... Anything that has exposed brick wall mixed with mid-century modern furniture and a bit of lush greenery captures my heart way too easily...

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Watches have been among the most cherished gifts for generations and for good reason. Nothing symbolizes the passing down of family values better than an heirloom watch. Perhaps you are shopping for an upcoming wedding. Maybe you opted for eco-friendly and socially responsible koa wood rings to symbolize your commitment and love to one another. With the incredibly reasonable price of the rings, room seemed to be found in your financial allowance for another timeless gift and a watch is an ideal choice. Regardless of reason or occasion for giving, a carefully chosen watch is always a fine heirloom in the making.

Go for Timeless Styling

When choosing an heirloom worthy watch, you want a watch that looks classic and isn’t going to be out of style in five years. Select tasteful and classic styling. Remember, less is far more here. Classic and understated watches are definitely always in style.

Some High-End Suggestions

You don’t ought to spend a king’s ransom to buy an incredibly nice watch. Look carefully at vintage or pre-owned watches if you are with limited funds. They are often offered for a fraction of the cost of new models from the same elite makers (Lange & Son, Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin, Patek Philippe and Jaeger-LeCoultre). While not in the stratosphere of the highest haute horlogerie, Rolex consistently make exceedingly fine watches whose reliability and overall quality are the envy in the industry. Even the most die-hard watch snob must admit that Rolex has emerged to the greatest purveyor of high-quality watches. Besides, Rolex is a practical watch that complements any attire which makes it a perfect heirloom watch. 

With a Tighter Budget

For heirloom quality watches, mechanical movements are preferred over quartz due to their perceived longevity. They will last centuries with regular maintenance and so are not dependent on electronic circuitry that can go bad (or go out of production). The German Stowa brand and the Nomos company both make very good watches for the money. Again, consider going vintage. An Omega Speedmaster having a 321 column wheel movement is timeless. It was good enough for NASA and good enough to go to the Moon. That makes it a secure, heirloom worthy gift. One advantage vintage classics have over modern choices: they’ve already proven themselves to be classics. Which will take the guess work completely out of the equation.

Don’t forget you can always get impeccable service for all your fine watches at Rolex service. They have Certified CW-21 Watchmakers on staff and give very competitive pricing.

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

A snowy afternoon in Budapest

I haven't been in Budapest for a long time, so last week's road trip was a very pleasant surprise. The city is filled with cool bars and restaurants. From high-end places to hip bars with industrial/vintage styled interiors (like Spiler, shown in the photos below), there's something for every taste.