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The Case for Slow Living on Your Getaway

Ah, the age-old holiday dilemma: the urge to cram every minute with excitement versus the bliss of kicking back and letting the adventure unfold. Spoiler alert: the latter wins every time. Let me tell you why. Ever noticed how trying to stuff your itinerary leaves you feeling more frazzled than fulfilled? A ttempting to squeeze every last drop of fun into your holiday schedule is a one-way ticket to exhaustion. It's a bit of a paradox, really. While you might think you're maximising your experience by dashing from one spot to another, you're actually shortchanging yourself. So, even though you're clocking up more destinations on your map, you're missing out on the true essence of each place. So, picture this: instead of playing scheduler-in-chief, why not embrace the beauty of spontaneity ? Leave a few gaps in your plans and watch the universe sprinkle its magic. That hole-in-the-wall café you stumbled upon? Pure gold. That impromptu dance-off with locals? Priceless

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