Thursday, November 13, 2014

Contemporary Log Cabin

I never really thought about interior design of log cabins until a few years ago. In my mind they were just kitschy retreats for tourists or hunters who basically don't have a clue about aesthetics. As long as there's a big fireplace in it, everyone seems more than thrilled. But, let's forget about that for a moment and look at this Danish stunner... Now, this is how it's done! Once again, I am blown away by the immaculate incorporation of traditional elements with contemporary twist. I wouldn't mind spending the weekend here, how about you?

Source: LivingGap  Photography: Karsten Damstedt  Architecture: Jensen Kim Holst

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Classy Halloween

This year I decided to make my Halloween decor classy and slightly theatrical, but with just the right amount of macabre. The main idea was to visually tell little fragments of stories using motifs typically related to autumn and Halloween, as well as using some unexpected props to give it a personal touch. Instead of carving it, I decorated one of the pumpkins with studs which doesn't require much effort, but looks very chic and edgy. Also, I wrote verses of one dark poem by A.G.Matoš (one of the most significant Croatian writers sometimes compared to E.A.Poe) with a black marker on another pumpkin. Framing old, black and white photographs I acquired from my grandparents' archives and using transparent bottles and jars as candlesticks and vases all contributed to the mysterious atmosphere I was trying to accomplish. My Venetian masks and some other souvenirs also played a great role in creating this styling. I have to admit that sitting in a room with one corner transformed like this only adds to that particular cosy feeling you get this time of year... Well, I hope this post inspired you to look around the market or your attic and find interesting objects you would have otherwise overlooked. Happy Halloween, lads and lasses!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Broste Copenhagen

Broste Copenhagen is one of Scandinavia's leading home decor brands dating back to 1955.  With two collections a year, they cover a wide range of products - from candles and lanterns to tableware, home textiles and decorative items.  Like for many Nordic design houses, focusing on high quality, leaving the original feel of the material and its character intact is of great importance for this company. I have to say it's always a pleasure to browse through their new catalogue. I just love their artistic approach to interior styling. In fact, this is how I noticed Broste Copenhagen in the first place. I stumbled upon some photographs from their catalogue and follow them ever since.  This is part of their autumn/winter 2014 collection.

Styling: Nathalie Schwer   Photography: Line T. Klein