A Little Announcement

In late May of 2023, I officially incorporated my interior and landscape design business - Studio Haustor. It took years of mental (and months of bureaucratic) preparation, but I finally did it. Being an entrepreneur is something I always knew I'll end up doing, even though this meant taking the hard road. I quit my comfy (yet soul-sucking) job in fintech, went on a 3-month tropical hiatus (originally supposed to be longer - wild story - I should write a book about it one day), came back to Ireland, and slowly continued to work on my vision. Almost immediatelly after I started my new business, an interesting opportunity showed up, and I dived right into it. The project I'm talking about, I'm not supposed to talk about yet (it involves being on the telly), so I'll keep quiet for the time being. Let's just say the whole thing took 2 months of my life, and it was both exhilirating and terribly exhausting. Actually, due to time constraints and poor weather, it was the most challenging project I ever worked on. Throw in some serious health scare in the meantime, and there goes half of my year. I went a bit off topic there, so you may be wondering why am I telling you all this... Well, a few minutes after midnight, the Studio Haustor webshop and website have been launched! There are currently more than 30 home decor/furniture pieces to choose from, but the collection will expand over time, of course. You can also read about the services offered by the company. I'll probably mention more about my work in the future, but I believe this is more than enough for now. May the New Year be full of magic and thrills!


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