Wish list | Spring Transition

With the most anticipated season just around the corner comes the new wish list of home decor items. Not all of them are what one might typically expect for spring decor, but if you look at them closely, most of the chosen objects are somewhat related to spring. My redefined, contemporized version of spring, if you will. For example, the cuddly throw is here to keep you warm on those chilly early spring evenings and the flask can make a perfect Easter present for someone dear who is into music.  The pure beauty and functionality of the touch-free bin reminded me to share a little confession that might sound a tad quirky to those who are not that into interior design, but I'm sure there are many who will understand... My goal one day is to have a home that does not contain a single unwanted or aesthetically unpleasing item - from toothpick holder to toilet brush. Obsessive much? It's ridiculous, I know... Have a lovely weekend, lads and lasses!

1.   Spotlight Floor Lamp, Dot&Bo
2.   Cuddly Natural Throw, Yorkshire Linen
3.   Dome Sphere Terrarium, Dot&Bo
4.   Epicure's Spice Set, Dot&Bo
5.   Triple Feather - Cushion Cover, Yorkshire Linen
6.   Glass Bottle, H&M Home
7.   Chowpak Glass Planter, Urban Jungles
8.   Sense Touch-free Bin, White, MADE
9.   Anatomy of a Guitar Flask, Dot&Bo
10. Elements of Birds II Poster, Mintstudio, La Maison d'Anna G.


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