Holidays at Home

Like most of the people, I've stopped for a moment to reflect on this past year.  To be honest, I went through some major life challenges, and I needed time for grieving, learning my lessons and then getting back on track. Of course, with everything going on, the blog has been unfairly neglected. Since I've really missed blogging, I look forward to dedicating more of my mind and soul to it next year. At the moment, I am utterly enjoying my temporary home filled with love, passion, creativity, thoughtfulness and harmony. In conclusion: everything wasn't so bad after all... It never is. May you all have a blessed new year. Cheers, lads and lasses!


  1. Divna dekoracija privremenog doma! Nadamo se da će ti naredna godina biti bolja od ove! Sve najbolje!

  2. Hvala, Zmaje! Samo nastavite biti vesele i produktivne! S guštom ću i dalje pratiti vaše projekte. :-*


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