Minimal aesthetic

Today I want to share with you my newest inspiration in hopes of passing on some good vibes and brightening the beginning of your week.  All these amazing photographs can be found in CEREAL, a quarterly travel and lifestyle magazine based in Bristol, UK.  This is exactly what comes to mind when I think about minimalist aesthetic in photography.  One of the reasons I respect and appreciate minimalism so much is because of the feeling of honesty and purity that goes with it. I love how minimalistic expression can create a whole new reality highlighting things that usually go unnoticed and would be considered quite ordinary in some other context.  I also like how its authenticity immediately awakens a sense of harmony in me. I believe the success of Cereal Magazine will continue to grow thanks to their unique visual as well as writing quality that differentiate them from other magazines in their niche market. What can I say... Blessed are the creative, for they make this world a better place.

Source:  CEREAL Magazine


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