My Advent decor

Nature - the greatest inspiration for most of us creative souls. My idea was to use mostly natural materials for this Christmas story - paper, walnuts, pomegranate, pine cones, deer antlers, hedge branches, cinnamon sticks, orange, moss, rope and cork. The main theme was forest. There's something magical about the woods and Christmas, and they go so well together... Well, I guess fairy tales and fantasy books have influenced me a lot... These kirigami trees are really easy to make, you can find tons of tutorials on the web. The newspapers I used for the gift wrapping are 20 years old. I was lucky to dig them up because it's hard to find a clean, black and white page in the newspapers today.  Also, music sheets always make an elegant decor. Besides, what kind of Christmas would it be without music? So, here it is! My enchanted forest.

Don't think I forgot about the contest! I was looking through your Cozy and Cold Pinterest boards while listening to Dean Martin's Christmas album, and they were all so beautiful and wintery. I have to say, it was a tough decision to make, but the winner is... *drumroll* ...Tea Icheva! Congratulations! Please, leave your address in the contact email.


  1. Divno izgleda! Super da si uspjela naći običan crno bijeli novinski papir, danas je to gotovo nemoguće, kao što kažeš!

    1. Jedva sam iskopala neke prastare novine... :-D Mislila sam prvo umotavati u smeđi papir, ali ne znam gdje se može nabaviti u malim količinama i zato sam se odlučila za novine.

  2. diiiiiivno je sve! <3


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