Torre di Moravola

When I first started this blog, I decided I won't be including architectural inspiration (although I don't think one can completely separate interior designing from architecture and vice versa) because then I would be covering too many topics for a lifestyle blog, but I just couldn't resist making a post about this amazing building. Now, let me explain a bit why this Umbrian holiday retreat is so special... Torre di Moravola used to be a medieval watchtower and it dates all the way back to XII century. It was abandoned for more than 50 years, until architect Christopher Chong and his partner Seonaid Mackenzie bought the property and started a 6 years long restoration of the ruins. The best historical aspects have been preserved and contrasted with contemporary design and materials, emphasizing the sense of Moravola’s history and thus resulting in a synthesis of the ancient exterior with understated modernity of the interior. The other reason why I'm so attracted to this building is because I just got back to Croatia after spending the last few months in the Italian countryside, so I know from my own experience how soul nurturing this landscape can be... Hope you're enjoying the summer!


  1. ova druga fotka jednostavno je odraz toga kako sam ja zamišljala kao klinka u kakvom ću ambijentu živjeti :D

  2. Prostor izgleda čarobno! Drago nam je da si se odlučila podijeliti ove fotke s nama! :)

    1. Meni je drago da vam se sviđa! Možda ipak u budućnosti budem češće pravila postove povezane s arhitekturom... ;-)


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