Outdoor decor | Moroccan style

As we all know, spring is the perfect time to give some attention to our balconies, terraces and gardens.  There are a few tips and tricks I learned experimenting with my own outdoor spaces, and today I want to share them with you. Some of them you probably already know, but maybe this post is going to inspire you to do something different this year with your outdoor space.
There are a lot of amazing styles we can incorporate into our homes, depending on our preferences, of course. My particular inspiration today was Morocco, so I prepared a mood board with my interpretation of new/contemporary Moroccan style. The thing that attracts me most to this style is the large presence of geometry, which is one of my biggest loves when it comes to designing in general. Playing with various geometrical patterns is one of the main characteristics of Moroccan style, so you can really let your imagination run wild!  When decorating your terrace or balcony, it's good to keep in mind that we can achieve a lot just with adding a few throw pillows, vases, pots and lanterns. These things can make a huge difference because they give an instant face lift, and the whole place looks more inviting. Also, I included one of my latest obsessions here - succulent terrariums. (There are a lot of DIY tutorials on the web for you crafty lot, there's no need to spend a fortune to own one.)  Noticed the geometrical star pattern on the one I chose? That's why it goes perfectly with this new Moroccan style. There's one thing I haven't included in this mood board, but it is equally important... String lights!  When the sun goes down, it is responsible for making unforgettable atmosphere.
We could talk for hours about the rich style of Morocco, but instead I'll leave you with the list of shops where you can find these and similar items to get some more inspiration. Have a creative week, lads and lasses!  

1.   Geometry cushions, Ferm Living
2.   Turquoise teapot, Zara Home
3.   Metal and glass lantern, Zara Home
4.   Gullholmen rocking-chair, IKEA
5.   Icosidode succulent terrarium/planter, Score and Solder 
6.   Yellow Moroccan ottoman, Urban Igloo Design House 
7.   Purple vase, H&M Home 
8.   Colorful bamboo bowl, Zara Home 
9.   Forsla bowl, IKEA 
10. Tealight holder, H&M Home
11. Hosu sofa by Patricia Urquiola, Coalesse
12. Small openwork table, Zara Home


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