Wish list | for Home

I have a slight obsession with industrial pendants, vintage typography and nautical design. The chair is just a timeless piece of furniture that I would really like to posses.  Actually, it's more than a piece of furniture - it is a piece of art.  This choice of table shows my love for geometry and clean lines, and the crochet poufs are just adorable. Also a big fan of plants and gardening. So that pretty much explains this wish list.

1.  Foto pendant lamp, IKEA
2.  Linen cushion cover, H&M Home
3.  Cast iron anchor, HomArt
4.  Yucca elephantipes,  IKEA
5.  Cubo table, Zara Home
6.  Urchin poufs, Christien Meindertsma
7.  S chair, Verner Panton


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