Sunday, March 31, 2013

Early spring

This year was my first time a) making monochrome painted eggs, and b) painting quail eggs for Easter decoration. You can see the results for yourself. Feel free to share with me your Easter/spring decor if you have been inspired by typography, geometry or b/w as well!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Under the desert sky

Wherever I travel, I always like to feel a bit of that authentic, traditional vibe. Of course, I didn't expect to get that in a city like Dubai. Don't get me wrong, Dubai has its own authenticity, but I was looking for Arabia this time... It was already dark, we were eating barbecue in a desert camp and the Filipino belly dancer (hey, at least the dervish was Arab) was doing her routine when I looked up... and that was it. The incredible starry night, light breeze and the traditional Arabic music were enough for me to imagine what it was like once upon a time. I was actually blessed with that Prince of Persia/Aladdin feeling for one magical moment... And that perfect moment was exactly what I needed that night.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Make a Scene

French Connection made a real impact on me this month with their new creative competition called Make a Scene. I can say this is by far the most interesting online contest I have ever participated in. Basically, they want us to edit their advertising campaign into our own short film clip, complete with soundtrack and special effects. The prizes are amazing and some of the clips can actually become part of French Connection's SS13 official campaign. There are already thousands of videos and mine is currently ranked #35, believe it or not. Now, I would like to ask you, my dear readers, to watch and share my little piece of art with the world, if you please. Or you can turn film directors for a day yourself and become my competition. Also, I made a second video (because it's fun and because I want to be David Lynch in another life obviously) which, I believe, is better, but that's not important. What matters is how many times your video is shared on social networks, e-mails, etc.  You can read all about this contest here. Good luck, lads and lasses!